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These days, it likely feels like you’re constantly digesting and reacting to information from various organizational, municipal, provincial, federal and global leaders, perhaps more than you ever have before. Sometimes that information changes daily – and we know it revolves around more than just the physical health of you and your fellow Canadians. It’s also tied to implications on how you work, how you live and how much you’ve saved.

Knowledge is power. If you want more information on market matters, click the links below:

General market information 

Understanding market volatility (PDF) 

What are market cycles? (article)

Understanding risk tolerance (article)

Don’t let emotions rule your investment plan (article)

How you can deal with market volatility (article)


 How to remain calm in today’s investment conditions (recording)

Additional resources

Financial literacy: The road ahead (webinar series)
This series by CPA Canada Financial Literacy and its national development sponsor, Canada Life, weighs in on financial hurdles due to the pandemic and the impact on our mental health.
Many things are uncertain right now, but what is certain is that financial wellbeing and mental wellness are connected. This free comprehensive series will help you navigate through this challenging time and “check in” on yourself while planning for the future.

Workplace Strategies for Mental Health 
The changes you’re seeing in the market may bring you new sources of stress. Workplace Strategies for Mental Health has recorded a series of short videos with tips to help you work through it. A new video is being added every week day – in English and French. Check out the video series and other helpful resources.

Support for Canadians during COVID-19 (PDF)

Free credit support when you need it most (PDF)

Resources to support your well-being (Q&A) (PDF)

Well-being resources at your fingertips (PDF)

*The information in this publication is general in nature and is intended for educational purposes only. Furthermore, there can be no assurance that any trends described in this material will continue or that forecasts will occur; past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.